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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!...

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More Information for 2017 Tournament of Cities

Annual Tournament

By Order of the Fire Marshal: The following restrictions shall apply to all open fires and the use of fireworks. The...

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Youth Football Camp

Sport Academy, Training

Pitchers and Catchers (and Everyone Else) Report! WP Youth Baseball practice starts the week of April 11. Games are...

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A fundraiser for the River Cup


Bumble Bees will be hosting a fundraiser for the River Cup Tournament now through 5/21. Stop in at the Hudson location...

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Travel to Ritchmond for first of three game road trip

Fans, General

Our bikes are available to rent 24/7 from any Rentbike station. Renting a bike is easy using our free app, the on-bike...

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Traffic challenge on Match Weekends

Civic, Fans

For Saturday-Monday, July 2-4, free parking availability near the downtown will increase by over 400 spaces with the...

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When and where are club meetings held?


Commission meetings are held in the Forum of City Hall on Tuesday evenings. The required legislative meetings begin at...

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19 Ways to Enjoy the Soccer Match

Backstage, Fans

Summer is a great time to enjoy City of WP and some of its best events and amenities. The City Beautiful offers a wide...

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Forney’s Fans Annual Meeting Recap


A big Thank You to everyone who attended the annual meeting on January 11th. For those of you who could not make it,...

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